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Client Testimonials

The personal training industry is flooded. It’s so refreshing having someone like Adam in Lakeland! Dude is knowledgeable and most importantly relatable! Would never train with anyone else!

Drew Fulmer

Adam is an awesome trainer, he helped me reach my extreme fitness goals in some of my earlier years training. He trained me through my entire pregnancy and is now helping me get back to my old training potential post baby. He is motivating, fun, and very knowledgeable. I promise you will feel every one of his workouts. I never leave there feeling like I could have done more. He is a great accountability partner for eating habits as well, he is always making sure everyone is not only training their best but eating their best too! Fantastic place and fantastic trainer!

Michele Ledford

There is not enough I can say about Adam Hamid and Adrenaline Body Works!! I started working with Adam when I was at my worst shape physically and he has helped me change my life and stay focused on my goals! I have worked with trainers before and working with Adam has been so much different and better! He continually changes up the workouts to keep it interesting and is an expert on knowing how to push someone just enough but not too much!

I highly recommend if you are serious about your health and you need some direction or accountability you work with Adam! It's so affordable you can't afford to not go!

Scott Cox

Adam is the best personal trainer in Lakeland. He has been around for years and know exactly what he's doing. He will customize your training to fit your needs. Whether you need to be fit for baseball or need endurance for the ocean and swimming , Adam has got you!

Sean Denny

Just talking to Adam makes me want to better myself, I'll definitely be checking in soon!! This a trainer with passion with what he does and I'm stock to see Adrenaline Body Works future!!

James Morrow

Each 45 minutes class covers strength training and cardio combined. Workouts are effective, widely varied, and push me to a limit of exhaustion without making me hate them. The gym is smaller but the intimate size puts you at ease. It’s a judgement free zone. All ages (my class ranges 17-65yrs), sizes, strengths are challenged to fit their individual fitness level.

If you’re looking for a trainer to challenge you, then Adam is your guy. He is a total sweetheart, you’ll enjoy getting to know him, as well as the other rockstars that regularly attend his class. He genuinely cares about his clients.

As long as you aren’t needing a gym with a smoothie bar, free pizza night, or looking to join a pyramid scheme.. check it out. Come ready to work and you’ll be pleased with the results.

Clair Garland

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